Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of my daughters has been trying to buy a house. She's been in negotiations since May. She finally gets as far as opening escrow, and the family living there refuses to leave. Rather difficult to conduct a home inspection when they are still IN there. I'm skipping tons of detail on this, but FINALLY they move out. Home inspection occurs, and the news isn't pretty. There's termites (enough to warrant a tenting) damage to the roof, and they took the oven out! Escrow is set to close in two days. Now comes the delicate dance....can they get the seller to cover the cost of repairs and a new oven?? If they refuse, do you go ahead with the deal and eat the costs? Yes, the house is worth it, but for a first house do you really want to stretch yourself??

And the weird aspect...full disclosure shows that someone died in the house. Carpets were replaced directly after.

Yikes..what to do???

And now I'm off to attempt my first league match since the injury. Wish me luck!


  1. oh, good grief!! it always amazes me about what some people do, and what little legal action can be taken! I hope she works things out!

  2. You hire a psychic! (LOL.) From a rational point of view: The family is going to be motivated to sell given this economy. They'll accommodate the first time buyer's needs, especially at a time when banks aren't loaning out all that much cash from the stock-piles our Government just handed to them.

    With housing prices dropping for the first time in eons, with most folks not being able to jump on the opportunity to AFFORD buying one, your daughter has the upper hand.

    At times like this, I take a deep cleansing breath, realize a few weeks from now none of this drama will matter. Everything's perfect!

  3. I would hope that inspection would occur before a firm offer, or that serious damage would be grounds for cancellation of the entire deal. If the oven was part of the original deal, then the renters are guilty of theft.

    It's a hard decision, but I would rather go in knowing all the particulars before committing to a deal.